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I launched this online service, Kanji Sensei, based on my wonderful experience of cross-cultural communication during my exchange studies in Vancouver, Canada. In fact, I was wearing a senseless T-shirt that said ”Fart now loading!“ on my first days in Canada without understanding what it meant, just because the writing looked cool. Many of my Canadian friends found it funny and hilarious, which was quite a tough thing for me to go through. Just like many Japanese are attracted to products with English writings, many non-Japanese are interested in products with a Kanji design. However, the reality is that many of them are experiencing what I experienced in Canada. We provide an authentic Japanese symbols translation and design service to solve this problematic situation caused by linguistic and cultural barriers. Please hit us up if you are looking for a better Japanese translation service!


“Co-creation of a new, inspirational value”

We provide professional English to Japanese symbols translations and original designs and, together with our customers, strive to create inspirational Kanji products with ”rich ideas“ and ”meaningful expressions.“ We wish that this service will be a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world and give the chance to learn about the Japanese Kanji culture and the marvels our tradition to as many people as possible.