Shohei Ohtani Kanji Jersey with Japanese fonts

Two-way sensation ,Japanese baseball player, Shohei Ohtani had one of the most incredible seasons in baseball history in 2021 and was fittingly rewarded with the American League MVP Award.

It’s quite interesting to see his Japanese kanji name(大谷翔平) on the back of the jersey.  In case some of you may wonder what Japanese font is used in it, I looked up the font in my font family.
I think the font is very similar to Hiragino-gothic.


About Hiragino font

Japanese font, Hiragino, was created in 1993 designed by Jiyukobo studio in Japan, it was simple and sharp with a bright, positive feel. A perfect balance of the orthodox and progressive. In Japan, Hiragino began to appear in fashion magazines and advertising, car navigation systems, signage, television subtitles, Web to print, medical devices and highway markers and signs.  While Hiragino is clearly versatile, it is the font’s basic design sense that continues to draw praise. In 2005, Hiragino’s visual style was recognized with the receipt of a prestigious Good Design Award in the Communication Design category.


I customized kanji designs for Shohei Ohtani Jersey. My recommendation is Japanese calligraphy font 19, Touryu.


Shohei Ohtani japanese fonts


Japanese fonts for Shohei Ohtani

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