Love In Japanese Kanji Symbol For Your Wrist, Chest, and Ankle Tattoo

Are you looking for a tattoo word, ‘Love’ in Japanese Kanji symbol and cool Japanese kanji fonts? If so, this is the right place for you to get it. Japanese symbol ‘love’ is a perfect tattoo for your wrist, chest, and ankle. Created and verified by a native Japanese kanji translator.

Japanese symbol for love1

Japanese symbol for love2


You can have 3 different writing styles for your preference. Each style gives different impressions.

  • 1. Kaisho style: Traditional
  •  perfect for headlines and titles in magazines and ads

Kaisho style

  • 2. Serif style: Elegant, Delicate
  •  perfect for newspaper and magazine

Serif style

  • 3. Outline/shadow style, Wild
  • Perfect for a wide range of eye-catching applications such as advertising, packaging, leaflets, and manga

Outline/shadow style


After placing an order, we’ll send you a download link. The file contains both calligraphy style and stencil images.

Japanese fonts

What is a stencil?

Stencils are usually used by your tattoo artist to trace the artwork onto your skin. You just simply forward it to your tattoo artist.

Image size

We’ll create and send you images (both calligraphy style and stencil) based on the size you specified in the order form. If you are not happy with the size of the letters, we’ll resize them for you. But if you need to make it larger or change the layout, positions, etc, then select vectors on the cart page. Vector is illustrator-editable and resize-friendly. Your tattoo artist can freely resize without the outline getting blurry.

How to order

Visit kanji translation & design page. And click on the ‘order’ button. You have 3 writing styles to choose from our fonts collection.

Kanji translation and design

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